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Elvis Elvis (2010)
Moody, dreamy, lush, cinematic interpretations of Elvis classics -- produced and arranged by Dave Nelson at Outpost Studios, San Francisco. Mastered by Roger Nichols.
1. It's Now or Never        
2. One Night        
3. Don't Be Cruel        
4. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear        
5. Loving You                
6. Don't        
7. Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Louie Louie  (2005)
Songs by, for, and about Lou Reed. Produced by Dave Nelson, Sonic Boom. Featuring Britta Phillips, Sonic Boom, George Earth, Don Ciccone.
1. Louie Louie
2. Caroline Says
3. Tell It to Your Heart
4. She's My Best Friend
5. Disco Mystic
6. Banging on My Drum
Divine Healer  (2003)
Stylish arrangements of cover tunes (Motley Crue!) and heartfelt originals. Mixed by Craig Leon, Dean Wareham, Dave Nelson, and Mark Bingham.
1. Home Sweet Home
2. You        
3. Rock and Roll Shoes                
4. Candy        
5. I Want Everything        
6. Pull Girl        
7. Sadder                
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White Courtesy Phone (1995)
Craig Leon produced and played all the keyboards; Hal Blaine  is the drummer; and the guest trumpeter on "Lazy" is Herb Alpert. Recorded at The Plant, Sausalito.
1. Big Black Cloud                
2. Threw It Away                
3. Homeboy                
4. Candy        
5. Nature Girl                
6. Dim the Lights        
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The 80's (1989)
Featuring Alan Vega, Bruce Anderson, Don Ciccone
1. John Cassavetes
2. I'm 18                
3. Hell        
4. Dream Baby Dream        
5. Theme From Taxi Driver/NY NY
6. Blank Generation
7. The Day John Kennedy Died
8. Never Too Late for Linda        
9. King of Los Alamos        
10. Way Out West
1. Sleep Walk                
2. Beast of Burden        
3. As Tears Go By                
4. I Love How You Love Me/  To Know Him Is to Love Him        
5. Imagine/ You Can't Always Get What You Want        
6. Love Me Tender        
7. Greenfields        
I Love NY (1984/1989)
Gotham-related covers, with songs by the Ramones, Suicide and Lou Reed. Guest vocals by Alan Vega. 12-inch vinyl by Criminal Damage (1984);  10-inch by Munster (1999)
1. Cheree
2. Blank Generation
3. Redondo Beach
4. Dream, Baby, Dream
5. The Day John Kennedy Died
6. Femme Fatale
7. Taxi Driver - New York, New York
8. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Wake Up &  Cry (1985)
Lo-tech hi-fi. 12-inch vinyl (Criminal Damage)
1. I Can't Make It
2. Never Too Late For Linda
3. Love In The Shadows
4. Rock + Roll Heart
5. Wild Bill
6. Wake Up and Cry
8. I'll Say Goodbye        
9. Brown Wheat                
10. She Said        
11. Sleepwalker        
12. Eve of Destruction        
13. Clown Sex        
14. Hurdy Gurdy Man
7. Down        
8. John Cassavetes                
9. Lazy        
10. Fall        
11. Been There Done That
12. Way Out West
7. I Want to Boogie With You/Je T'aime
8. Lou Reed's Hair
9. Femme Fatale
10. Rock & Roll Heart
11. The Day John Kennedy Died
12. I'm Set Free.
8. King of the Road        
9. Singin' the Blues        
10. Donna        
11. Denise        
12. Jennifer Juniper        
13. I'm a Believer/ Downtown/ Silhouettes        
14. Femme Fatale                
15. Little Surfer Girl        
16. Hey Jude
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Accordion Pop Vol. 1
No drums, no bass, no vocals, just a little reverb. Produced by Paul Stubblebine. Cassette (1990); Gulcher CD (2003)